We offer

a full range of facility services for all types of buildings. Please contact us for detailed information and specifications. 

Operational and Janitor Services
A management technician will handle everyday inquiries regarding building operations, and is also in charge of all general services, facilities, emergency service and operations of the building. 

To make sure that we meet your requirements in a safe and secure matter, both work schedule and scope of the cleaning will be arranged and quality assured in consultation with you as a client. 

Building Safety
Together with one of the leading security solutions providers in the world, Petroproducts offers services for securing both material and intellectual property. The security is customized based on the client’s requirements and requests.

Petroproducts offers services such as manned reception desk, switchboard, and allocating tailored access control. We emphasize professional and welcoming receptions, which will give a positive perception of the building’s tenants. 

Consumer goods and supplies
Petroproducts can manage the purchasing and procurement of consumer goods and supplies on behalf of your company. 

Administration of third party providers
Outsourcing of services and procurement may save a lot of companies both time and money. Petroproducts can manage contact with professional third parties, so you only need to relate to one contact when it comes to such kinds of services.

Facility Services

Noralf Olufsen
Supervisor Facility Management