Field Development

Petrolink ensure efficient operations through analyses, development and enhancement of technical integrity of installations from design through operations to tail-end production and abandonment.

Our personnel have the competence, experience and workmanship, including methodologies and tools, for providing a wide range of services:

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Project Management & Execution

Management systems, execution models and teams for ongoing projects.

We offer flexible management models with complete leadership teams for maximising safety and planned targets:

  • Insourced services to compliment client’s existing team
  • Outsourced services to take duty holder responsibility for projects on behalf of client

We offer quality services reflecting years of project experience from a variety of environments in Norway and internationally:

  • Full project management
  • Complete project  teams
  • Part-time and transition management
  • Ready for Operations (RFO) support
  • Operations and maintenance support
  • Change management
  • Logistics management
  • Management of HSE regulatory compliance

Operations Readiness & Assurance

Petrolink provide assistance to field development, operations readiness and assurance for planned and ongoing projects.

We develop strategies, philosophies and plans for Preparation for Operations, Production Operations and Operations Support. Increased efficiency, reduced expenses and improved HSE&Q levels are the key drivers in our efforts to reach performance targets.

  • Operations strategies and philosophies
  • Master Plan and field development (FEED/PDO)  preparation assistance
  • Operational Assurance (OA) and Ready for Operation (RFO) planning
  • Organisation analyses including resource management and recruitment
  • Work process and task analyses including operations procedures
  • Opex analyses to establish operations strategy and associated costs
  • Uncertainty and risk evaluation
  • Emergency and operational recovery planning

OR&A Manager: or +47 51 30 00 00

By combining our operations experience with our engineering capabilities we achieve cost/benefit tuned solutions for safe and high-performance operations.

Maintenance & Inspection Engineering

Our services are based on full recognition of client requirements, mandatory terms and best practices.

Solutions for improved operations regularity and reduced expenses through optimised maintenance and inspection programs.
We assist in complying with key performance and production targets, such as volume, schedule, regularity and HSE&Q requirements. This is achieved by paying attention to facilities from early project phase through development to start-up and continuously during operations. Strategies and basic terms need be established at project kick-off and during the course of development be converted to practical plans for field implementation and follow-up.
  • Overall maintenance and inspection philosophies
  • Maintenance and inspection strategies
  • Failure mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) analysis
  • Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) analysis
  • Solutions for Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Cost analysis (LCC and Opex)
  • Maintenance programs presented as field-friendly work packages
  • Spare part stock for start-up and operations

Process Safety & Risk Assessment

Petrolink ensure that facilities and systems are designed and operated according to applicable safety and performance requirements for intended operations.

Management of safety and risk needs to be fully integrated with the overall management of organisations and facilities. The approach needs be compliant, rational and cost-effective and inviting innovative spirit for improved solutions.

Exposure to potential hazards needs to be managed so as to reduce the probability of losses through safety and risk oriented design, operating procedures and control measures. In addition, redundancy and shut-down systems need to be present to mitigate any undesired effects. Risk and safety issues need to be evaluated in a structured and calculated manner as part of an overall strategy.

  • Hazardous Areas Classification (HAC)
  • Barrier element design
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
  • Hazard & Operarability Analyses (HAZOP)
  • Hazard Identification Analyses (HAZID)
  • Crisis Intervention In Offshore Production (CRIOP) analysis
  • Technical audits

Our approach is supported by gap analysis through verification of design, operations and maintenance to follow-up and rectification of findings.

Process Technology

Our operational bias ensures high production rates with optimum regularity and throughput for any operational scenario. We use recognised methodologies and software tools in conducting our work.
Petrolink offers services extending from conceptual studies and field development to operational optimisation and support of planned and ongoing activities.
Our services have an operational bias and are built on our extensive operations experience from a variety of technical systems and application areas. We provide the core of services for process process and operations personnel, allowing experts to generate, verify and implement the design work for projects. We cover the complete range of activities from project inception and development through start-up and operations to tail-end production and abandonment:
  • Business case development
  • Concept and front-end studies
  • Processing and flow assurance studies
  • De-bottlenecking and production optimisation studies
  • Basic Engineering, Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and Detailed Design support
  • Design verification & technical integrity assessment
  • Pre-operational and operational support

Integrated Operations

Enhancement of operations performance by combining technical competence and field experience through system integration, information sharing and human collaboration.

We create solutions to master challenges and opportunities better by connecting people, organisations and technologies in a well structured manner. Thus, information is readily available across organisations and geographical sites for better decision making:

  • Operations and Collaboration Centres
  • Organisation Set-Up and Work Procedures
  • Operator, Contractor and Vendor Collaboration Models
  • Cross-site Collaboration Models
  • ICT Topology and Infrastructure

We improve execution of key tasks:

  • Asset management and condition monitoring
  • Information and alarm handling
  • Production optimisation and flow assurance
  • Operational solutions and services
  • Change management, implementation and training
We ensure that common objectives are met by all stakeholders extending from operations personnel to home office including vendors and contractors.

Project Services

Petrolink supply personnel for project execution at supervisory and discipline levels for periods with peak workload and uncovered expertise needs.

Our resource base consists of the following typical personnel categories:

  • Project Managers and Planning Engineers
  • Cost Control and Procurement Specialists
  • Project Engineers, Contract Engineers and Analysts
  • Document Control personnel
  • Authority Liaison personnel
  • Process, Automation, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • Construction Managers and MC&C personnel
  • Maintenance Engineers and In-service Inspection Specialists
  • HSE Engineers, Safety and Emergency personnel

We provide solutions adjusted to actual needs with the necessary flexibility:

  • Project control services including provision of personnel, systems and equipment as well as procedures
  • Teams for project control using client premises, systems and equipment and procedures
  • Temporary staff for specific project control tasks for long and short term assignments.

OR&A Manager: or +47 51 30 00 00