About Us

Petrolink supports operation of platforms, subsea installations and floating production units offshore, oil and gas terminals onshore, refineries and process plants including power plants and carbon capture facilities. In addition, we provide services concerned with concept selection, preparation for operations, operations support and emergency response. Operating companies and asset owners in Norway and internationally are our main clients. We have offices in Stavanger, Aberdeen, Doha and Kuala Lumpur.

Petrolink is a corporate group with three business units:

  • Field Development
  • Operations
  • Operations Support

We provide services and solutions for the following main areas:

  • Operations Assurance & Consultancy
  • Operations Documentation
  • Operations Management & Execution
  • Competence Assurance
  • Simulator Training
  • Safety & Emergency Response Training
  • Maintenance & Inspection Engineering
  • Process Technology
  • Process Safety & Risk Assessment
  • Personnel Assistance
  • Project Services
  • Integrated Operations
  • E-learning

Established in 1990, Petrolink today employs more than 20 full-time professionals with capabilities extending from long-term strategic to daily practical activities.

Our services are field oriented, client adapted and covers the full life cycle of projects – always aiming at maximising operations performance, deliverability and safety.

Our Main Business Areas

Petrolink supplies services for the entire lifecycle of projects. From development and construction through start-up and operations to abandonment. Our focus is on the project phases Field Development, Production Operations and Operations Support, which are our main business lines.

Field Development

From strategies, technical studies and work processes to flawless start-up.

Thorough preparation for operations is essential to optimising performance, meeting production targets and complying with HSE&Q requirements. Petrolink has the experience and skills to participate from project inception and development through fabrication, installation and mechanical completion to commissioning and start-up of operations.


Management, technical services and operations assurance for any facilities.

The main target for any stakeholder in exploitation of natural resources is that operations are efficient and safe. Petrolink provides the complete set of services required to establish and maintain operations strategies, organisation plans and work procedures. We are ready to participate in live facility operations including to take on full operational responsibility through dutyholder assignments. We have participated in operations since many years by providing a variety of services to increasing values while improving performance and reducing risk.

Operations Support

From training, personnel assistance and documentation to maximum uptime.

Operating facilities need continuous attention to maintain and improve efficiency and safety for ascertaining technical integrity at any time. Petrolink has the knowledge and resources representing the competence, experience and workmanship required for any such tasks during the entire operations phase, i.e. from start-up through operations to abandonment.

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Mission, Goals & Values

To be a leading supplier of operations services to the oil & gas industry and other energy industries

We serve a wide range of industry segments:

  • Oil & Gas
    – Offshore
    – Subsea
    – Onshore incl. LNG
  • Refineries and petrochemicals
  • Power generation
  • Process and industrial
  • Renewables
  • Carbon catching
  • Various other segments

Our main goals are to:

  • Be a preferred and long term partner for our clients
  • Deliver quality services through excellent planning and execution of activities – always with a strong focus on HSE&Q, cost/benefit and efficiency
  • Pursue an including business culture with enthusiastic staff enjoying excellent client relations
  • Offer attractive workplaces with challenging opportunities based on high competence and uncompromised professional integrity
  • Execute project efficiently and run profitable and cost efficient operations for our clients
  • Be attractive for shareholders by delivering dividends according to expectations.

We shall be recognised for:

  • Adding high value to our clients through services rendered
  • Providing optimised services and technical solutions
  • Offering generic and customised solutions meeting expectations
  • Maintaining a dynamic and flexible organisation always ready to collaborate with our clients
  • Providing services and solutions consistent with recognised standards, procedures, work routines and best practices including agreed HSE&Q requirements
  • Maintaining financial strength and solidity 

Our Deliverables

To provide multidiscipline services through our comprehensive pool of competence and experience
to support our clients in maximising value creation and performance

Whether you are involved in field development, modification or abandonment activities, Petrolink is ready to assist in successfully managing your challenges. We understand operations requirements through years of experience gained from provision of a variety of services for plants, facilities and equipment onshore and offshore. Our track record also includes environmental initiatives, such as facilities for carbon capture and renewables.

Our approach is collaborative, utilising the asset knowledge of our clients along with our own operational experience and best practices together with proven tools and methodologies.

Petrolink’s main busines areas are:

  • Field Development – ensure readiness for operations
  • Operations – execute efficient and safe operations
  • Operations Support – support and improve ongoing operations

Petrolink provides solutions which:

  • Ensure integrity of facilities and satisfy operational regularity, reliability and operability requirements
  • Exhibit effective teamwork between operators and suppliers
  • Achieve outstanding HSE&Q performance
Our services enhance your operations:
  • Accelerate time to production start-up
  • Maintain high operations performance and production
  • Optimise production and improve recovery rates
  • Reduce capital expenses and operating costs
  • Improve safety and environmental performance
  • Increase collaboration between operator, contractors and vendors
  • Stimulate collaboration between owners, operators, contractors and other stakeholders
  • Speed up information sharing and decision making
  • Reduce operational risk and enhance facility integrity

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A Long-term Partner

One of our strategic goals is to be a preferred and long-term partner to our clients, achieved through outstanding performance exceeding expectations.

We aim to realise this goal by:

  • Utilising highly professional and competent personnel
  • Exercising full management commitment in all business activities
  • Pursuing a collaborative approach in relations with clients and other stakeholders
  • Conducting internal campaigns for continuous improvement

Petrolink provides services and solutions consistent with recognised standards, procedures and workmanship. We integrate best industry practices and comply with mandatory and agreed HSEQ requirements.

Petrolink is certified according to the Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2015, the Environmental Management Systems of ISO 14001:2015 and the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems of ISO 45001:2018.

Petrolink is registered in the EPIM joint-industry qualification system.