Onsite Treatment Technology

SRS - Swarf Removal System

The Swarf Removal System (SRS) is designed to remove metal swarf, large pieces of cement, pieces of casing, and other debris from the circulating fluid during casing milling operations

The process is based on two rotating concentric drums whose axis is tilted at a slight angle to the horizontal (up to 10°). The inner drum has large (10 mm) perforations and the outer drum has replaceable fine mesh panels (typically 3 mm square mesh). The circulating fluid and waste pass through a flow control device into the inner drum. The fluid passes through the perforations and meshes into a collecting tank below the drums and via this tank back to the platform mud circuit. The swarf is retained within the drums, and due to the angle of inclination and the rotation of the drum is caused to travel down the length of the drum exiting the open end and by way of a chute into waste skips for disposal.

The equipment once set up and tuned to the flow rate of milling fluid, requires no manual operator intervention other than to replace waste skips as and when filled.

Drum tilting and rotation are achieved through a simple hydraulic system from an integral 2.2 kW electro/hydraulic power pack.

There are few points of maintenance and these are designed for ease of access. A comprehensive illustrated manual describes safety, operational adjustments, and maintenance.

Vacuum Units

The OTT vacuum unit is ideal for all types of cleaning and fluid transfer purposes.

Cuttings Blower

OTT pneumatic cuttings transport system is ideal for transporting drilled cuttings from shaker trough to skip loading station, directly into closed mud skips.

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Dag Nedrum
Managing Director