Petrolink Trains BP’s Valhall Pre-Operational Team

In April this year, Petrolink launched a comprehensive simulator based training program in its office premises at Sola outside Stavanger. The client is BP’s pre-operational team for the new Valhall PH platform in the North Sea.

The training program and training facilities provides the participants with a “close to reality” environment in order to gain knowledge and experience in operating the new platform. ABB has supplied the control system, which is a 800xA system supported by a process simulator provided by Kongsberg Maritime. Adjacent to the simulated control room there is an instructor room provided with a “one way” window allowing for observation of and interaction with the participants and their actions during execution of training tasks.

The first level addresses the user interface towards the new control system. The next level takes the participants through the process facilities of the PH platform and demonstrates start-up from cold conditions (black start) to full regular operations. A key element of the training is to apply the new system descriptions and operations procedures, which have been developed by Petrolink during last two years.

Petrolink’s main contact at BP reports about great feed-back from the participants about the training program provided by Petrolink. At Petrolink, Odd Smith is the main instructor and Jan Verweij responsible for the simulation part of the program.

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