Petrolink Market New Generation Of Riser Tool

Petrolink has in cooperation with Hytorc Norge developed a new Riser Tool for improved bolting of risers. This new concept of making and breaking risers has many benefits, in particular in terms of saving time and resources (cost), reduced risk of injuries and minimizing potential effects on the environment due to fluid leakage. The Riser Tool spins and torque all bolts simultaneously to set torque.

The new Riser Tool is patented and more compact and smaller compared to conventional single torque Riser Tool. It is modified and improved based upon 3 years of offshore experience and comments from our clients like Songa Offshore, Odfjell Drilling, COSL and North Atlantic Drilling.  

Petrolink is very pleased with the new Riser Tool, says Head of Engineering Arve Sem-Henriksen. By using the new Riser Tool you achieve significant documented cost saving when running and pulling risers, improved working condition and minimized risk of environmental impact. It is the ideal Riser Torque Tool. 

Petrolink support operations of platforms, subsea installations and floating production units’ offshore, oil and gas terminals onshore, refineries and process plants, including power plants and carbon capture facilities. In addition, we provide services concerned with concept selection, preparation for operations, operations support and emergency response. Operating companies and asset owners in Norway and internationally are our main clients. We have offices in Stavanger, Bergen, Aberdeen, Doha and Kuala Lumpur.

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