Petrolink Company Signs Contracts With COSL Drilling Europe

Petroproducts, a Petrolink company, has recently signed contracts with COSL Drilling for delivery of Riser Torque Tool systems. Deliveries are for COSL Promoter and COSL Pioneer.

It has taken us two years to get this system out in the marketplace, but after a full scale test in November last year the interest in this tool system has sky rocketed, says Hans Petter Bakke, Managing Director of Petroproducts. The tool system is produced and assembled locally in Stavanger by Hytorc Norge.

A riser is set from the drill floor to the BOP on the sea bed. When the riser is set and tested it functions as a barrier and the drilling operation can commence. The riser consists of many riser elements, numbers depending water depth. These elements are bolted together, normally with six bolts. Up till now the available tools for this bolting operation could only do one bolt at a time. This operation has been very time consuming as you have to make up the bolts in a cross pattern in order for all the bolts to get the right torque and be all levelled. The operation took approximately 20 minutes using this old method. This new system will torque up all the bolts in one operation in less than 2 minutes. The tool system also ensures personnel safety seeing as it is operated from a control panel placed in safe area. Operators are out of the red zone during the torque operation; hence the risk of injuries to personnel has been eliminated.

We were impressed by the systems performance during the full scale test. This represents a step change in the way of connecting riser elements, Hans Petter Bakke adds.

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