Ghana Gas Contract Awarded to Petrolink

Petrolink has been awarded a Contract by Ghana National Gas Company (Ghana Gas) for Training of the Operating, Maintenance and Technical Support organisation for a new Gas Processing Plant onshore in Ghana. The gas is associated gas from the Jubilee Oil & Gas Field offshore Ghana’s Coast.

The contract has duration of twelve months, and involves employees from all the Business Units in Petrolink.

Ghana has little experience with hydrocarbon plants, and this Gas Processing Plant will be their first experience with gas. Ghana National Gas Company was established for the purpose of operating this Plant.

The Plant is being constructed at the moment, and will be ready for production mid-2014. Petrolink will train 111 of the new employees in Ghana Gas. These trainees have recently left Universities with Engineering Degrees within different disciplines, – but they have limited practical experience.

Petrolink is presently developing the training courses in Stavanger at two separate levels; – one level for basic knowledge of gas processing and process safety and one level for detailed knowledge about the operation of the different systems and equipment in Ghana Gas’ Gas Processing Plant.
From February 2014 to end of May 2014, Petrolink will have instructors in Ghana to teach Ghana Gas employees in the two different levels of courses.

“We are very pleased to be granted this contract, which confirms Petrolink’s strong position as provider of operations services to the oil & gas industry”, says Dag Nedrum, President & CEO of Petrolink.

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